How does Recupel work?

What does Recupel do?

Recupel has three main missions:

  • We organise and finance the collection and processing of used electrical appliances and light bulbs. 
  • We make consumers and businesses aware of the importance of repairing, reusing and recycling electrical appliances. 
  • We provide information on the added value of the circular economy.

Recupel provides funding for, among other things, collections and processing, as well as for coordinating implementation and raising awareness among workplaces and consumers of the importance of recycling and all of its benefits. 

Since 2023, we have had a new structure in place to help optimise our operations.


You probably already know about the 'Recupel contribution'. When you buy any electrical appliance, you will see this on your receipt. Every Recupel member (manufacturers and importers) is required to remit this environmental contribution. This serves to finance all of Recupel's activities, including collection (just think of the many collection points in numerous outlets, or the containers found at recycling parks), transport, sorting, reusing and recycling, as well as all the awareness campaigns to encourage everyone to collect or reuse as much as possible. 


From collection to recycling and repairing for reuse, we are talking about an entire process involving multiple businesses and organisations. Recupel’s job is to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. We choose our partners based on their technical qualities, efficiency and cost. After all, everything must be done in a safe, proper and environmentally friendly way. 

Recycle, reuse and repair – together, we can make a difference. To achieve this, we work closely with our partners, including authorised collectors, processors, collection points in stores and other workplaces, as well as second hand shops (reuse centers). 

Service for our 4,000 members

As a manufacturer or importer, do you place lamps or electrical appliances on the Belgian market? If so, you are legally obliged to collect these used appliances or lamps and have them processed. As a member, Recupel informs you of these and other obligations. But you can also count on our practical support. Reporting to the regional authorities is one example. Recupel has a user-friendly system that allows you to declare all the appliances introduced onto your market. But you also have to declare appliances that are recovered after use and sent abroad, for example for export. Recupel offers this service to its members via the WEEE report.

Raising awareness

While we already make a great many collections in our country, everything could obviously still be better. In Belgium, for example, 49 million old electricals are still lying unused in the home. That is why Recupel regularly runs communications campaigns to motivate everyone around collections.

Here are some of the campaigns, initiatives and innovations from recent years :

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How can you work with Recupel?

We work with a wide network of members and partners. How can you work with us and do your bit for a more circular world?

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Recupel retour

Recupel Retour with bpost

With the development of e-commerce, more and more parcels are being delivered to your home. Did you know that you can now also give your small electrical appliances that are no longer in use to your bpost postman? It's practical and free.

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Café Recupel

Don't have time to go to the recycling park or collection point? That can happen. That's why we organised the Recupel Café across the country. Everyone was able to drop off their electrical and electronic appliances and light bulbs. Recupel even provided snacks and drinks to thank the participants. 

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Recupel supports initiatives around repair & reuse

Why throw away your electro when it can still be easily and cheaply repaired? Share&Repair has a mission that we can only applaud: to ensure that products are repaired and shared as much as possible so that everyone has access to quality and affordable products. 

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