FAQ - Recupel appliance list

The changes that took effect on 15 August 2018 in accordance with the EU Directive 2012/19/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 4 July 2012 on waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), stipulated that reporting should be based on 6 new main categories instead of the 10 main categories applicable until 31/12/2021. Recupel applies these new 6 main categories as from 01/01/2022 in the new appliance list. 

More information about the changes that arise from the new Recupel appliance list 2022  can be found here.

The EU Directive 2012/19/EU on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) distinguishes 6 main categories. The new classification is based on the nature of the equipment (heat or cold exchanging equipment, equipment with a screen, lamps, small and large electr(on)ical equipment and ICT equipment) and on the dimensions (larger/smaller than 50 cm).

Below are listed the 6 main categories as they can be found in "Annex III" of the above mentioned directive:

  1. Temperature exchange equipment
  2. Screens, monitors, and equipment containing screens with a surface greater than 100 cm²
  3. Lamps
  4. Large equipment (with at least 1 external dimension of more than 50 cm)
  5. Small equipment (no external dimension of more than 50 cm)
  6. Small IT and telecommunications equipment (no external dimension more than 50 cm)

Along with the implementation of the new appliance list 2022, the "open scope" becomes applicable. The "open scope" means that all electr(on)ical  devices must be declared unless these devices are part of the exceptions included in the Directive 2012/19/EU or the exceptions specifically listed per subcategory in the appliance list.

Would you like to know more about the exceptions based on the Directive 2012/19/EU? Then click here. The specific exceptions per subcategory can be consulted in our appliance list.

If you are still uncertain about something, ty you can always search the category for an appliance our search engine on our website or submit a product question on our website.

The distinction between household and professional appliances is retained and will be made from 01/01/2022 on the basis of the product's intended use and thus no longer on the basis of objective criteria such as weight/ size/ power.

Appliances that can be used in both a household and professional environment (laptop) are considered household appliances. Appliances that are exclusively intended for professional use (e.g. a coffee machine for catering) are considered professional appliances. 

Note: an appliance shall be considered a household appliance unless it can be proved that it has a professional character.

In order to determine the intended use of your appliance, the appliance list 2022 provides explicit definitions, examples and exceptions. These must be followed. If the appliance list does not provide an answer, you can determine whether the appliance has a household or professional character by following a step-by-step guide that Recupel has developed. You can consult the step-by-step guide here.

More explanation about the difference between the household and professional character of an electr(on)ical device can be found here.

Each category has a number:

  1. The first number always indicates the European main category for WEEE.
  2. The other digits refer to the subcategories.
  3. Professional appliances belong to subcategories of which the last 2 digits are equal to or greater than 50.

Additional information about appliances belonging to the different (sub)categories is available in the appliance list under definitions/examples/exceptions and appliances that should not be declared.

Regarding subcategories 4 (appliances with at least 1 external dimension > 50 cm), 5 (appliances with all external dimensions ≤ 50 cm) and 6 (small IT and telecommunication appliances with all external dimensions ≤ 50 cm), it is important to note that many subcategories of main category 4 have a counterpart as subcategories of main categories 5 or 6 according to the external dimensions of the appliance in case. For example, a lighting fixture with one external dimension > 50 cm falls into subcategory 4.6, while fixtures with all external dimensions ≤ 50 cm belong to subcategory 5.6.

For categories 4, 5 and 6, you need to rely on the dimensions of your appliance. Below you will find some recommendations on how to determine these dimensions:

  • If the dimensions of the appliance are available from the manufacturer, this is the information you should rely on.
  • If the appliance’s dimensions are not available from the manufacturer, you should measure the appliance yourself in its most compact form, excluding any non-electric accessories that may be attached:
    • Cables, for example, should be measured in their most compact form, and not in their fully extended form.
    • Plastic accessories that can be connected to a vacuum cleaner, for example, and can be easily removed, should not be included in this measurement.

More explanation about measuring an electr(on)ical appliance can be found here.

You can submit a product request if, after consulting the appliance list, you are still not sure of the corresponding Recupel contribution. This can be done on this web page. Make sure to complete the screens in red and be as clear as possible in your description. Or you can send us an email with your product question via declarations@recupel.be.