Make a difference as a Recupel collector

The collection and processing of used electricals – become an authorised Recupel partner! 

Recupel works with approved partners for the collection, sorting for reuse and processing of household and professional* waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE). We have a network of companies who collect these appliances for reuse or processing, as well as a network of companies for the processing part. These partners choose to work with Recupel for the financial rewards it provides. 

Recently, these financial rewards were further improved. This provides an extra incentive for partner companies to work with Recupel in handling the growing stream of electrical waste in both a high-quality and legally sound manner. In addition, thanks to this improvement, electrical waste collection and processing as a business activity has become more and more profitable

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Your benefits as an authorised collector or processor

  • You will boost your image with our quality label, which certifies that you collect or process electrical waste with the utmost professionalism.
  • As a collector, you may resell WEEE from your mixed waste stream to a processor. As a processor, you may equally do so for reusable parts and processed raw materials.
  • You will earn handsome rewards for reporting, volumes processed, etc.

Your commitment is set out in a Charter

  • Every Charter describes which permits (IHM for collection, as well as WEEE and WEEELABEX for processing) you must have to become a recognised partner.
  • You will indicate which of the six WEEE categories you are entering into an agreement for. 
  • You will report the volumes of WEEE collected/processed by category.
  • You agree to being audited every four years for compliance with the Charter commitments. 

Interested in becoming a partner? 

If you would like to become a Recupel Authorised Recycler for electrical appliances (Collector Charter), please read the agreement and send the necessary attachments to The complete agreement will then be submitted for digital signature.

* Appliances that can be used in both a household and professional environment are considered household appliances. Appliances that are exclusively intended for professional use are considered professional appliances.

Download the charter for collectors (Dutch version)

Download the charter for collectors (French version)