Help reduce waste volume: repair, re-use and recycle

Repair electrical appliances

Every year, 160 million kilograms of e-waste ends up at recycling centres. It’s easier than you think to get electrical and electronic appliances repaired.

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Re-use your e-waste

Bought a new appliance or device, but the old one still works? We’ve all been there. Why not do someone a favour and give your appliance a second life? 

How to encorage re-use 

Recycle your electrical appliances

Got some appliances that are beyond repair? Take them to a recycling centre or Recupel collection point. Recycling prevents harmful substances from entering the environment.

How we recycle

Careers at Recupel

Want to help create a cleaner world for tomorrow? Recupel has job opportunities that allow you to do just that. Use your expertise and talent to help us make e-waste collection, processing and recycling even better. Check out our current vacancies below or send us an open application.

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