Work with Recupel as a transporter or recycler

Is quality your strong point? Then you’re the perfect partner for us!

Recupel teams up with local companies that focus on quality to process electrical and electronic appliances and lightbulbs. So what is our shared ambition? To go above and beyond the legal obligations for recycling discarded electrical and electronic appliances and lightbulbs. And we succeed! How do we do that? Find out in our annual report. Electrical and electronic appliances and lightbulbs are processed according to strict European regulations. That’s why you need a WEEELABEX certificate to process them. This certifies that you apply the right methods for people and the environment. Recupel monitors all the companies it works with and makes regular checks to guarantee quality. 

The collected appliances are sorted into different streams. Each stream goes to a specialised recycling company where hazardous components are removed from the appliances. Recupel’s partners use the latest technologies, enabling them to recover as much raw material as possible. 

Find the approved Recupel recyclers in the Recupel collection network here.

How do you become an approved Recupel recycler? 

Recupel selects new partners for its processing tasks every couple of years. When the selection procedure begins, the specifications outline which specific contractual requirements you need to fulfil. All candidates receive a copy of these. The various government bodies evaluate these specifications. 

There is currently no selection procedure underway. As soon as a new round begins, we will announce it on this website, and you can apply for the contract.

As well as the contracts lasting three to six years, there are opportunities to sign a charter contract of unlimited duration with Recupel. That makes you an approved Recupel recycler.

Discover the benefits of being an approved Recupel recycler

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