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Why and how to become a member of Recupel

How does Recupel help you with your take-back obligation and declaration?

If you import electro-appliances or electronic devices (whether new or used, and whether working or defective) to the Belgian market1, Recupel will help you efficiently fulfil your take-back obligation.

  • Upon signing the entry agreement, we take over the take-back obligation from you. 
  • Each quarter, you will report on the member platform the total number of electro-appliances collected.
  • Each year, you will provide a global overview via this digital platform.
  • You will receive a quarterly invoice for the Recupel contribution for all specified electro-appliances.  
  • Recupel will also take care of the collection, transportation and processing of the discarded electro-appliances with an ‘all-in’ contribution.  
  • Recupel will supervise the processing, carried out exclusively by approved Recupel partners and following all applicable regulations.  
  • Additionally, Recupel will report to the regional authorities on your behalf. 


1We consider an electrical or electronic appliance (whether new or not working) to be imported or manufactured when it is sold, rented, made available or leased to a third party, or put into use directly, for the first time in Belgium. These electro-appliances must be declared when they are put on the market or at the time of purchase.

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Not a Recupel member yet?

Then you have to comply with the take-back obligation yourself. This means you have to draw up your own separate waste prevention and management programme and submit it for approval to OVAM (Flanders), SPW (Wallonia) or IVC (Brussels). Of course, this also involves taking sole responsibility for organising collection and processing. 

Only selling electrical or electronic appliances made in Belgium? If so, a Recupel membership is not compulsory. The manufacturer is responsible for any take-back obligation. 

Tip. As a Recupel Point, you can help collect discarded electro-appliancesv or light bulbs at your point of sale. For this, you will receive all logistical support, as well as compensation, from Recupel. 

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