As a manufacturer or importer, do you declare the appliances that you sell?

Declaration of electrical and electronic appliances and devices

Your Recupel declaration must be submitted on a quarterly basis according to when the electrical and electronic appliances (check the list) are sold or imported. You will be notified by email to do this. The deadline is the 20th of the month following the end of the quarter for which the declaration is being filed. You must also submit an annual declaration. In this, you list the electrical and electronic appliances you have put on the market in the past year.


The basics of a correct declaration

These tips will help you to complete your declaration correctly.

We consider an appliance to be imported or manufactured when it is sold, hired out, made available or leased to a third party in Belgium (whether the appliance is new or defective) for the first time or when it is put into service itself. These appliances must be declared when they are placed on the market or purchased.

  • Appliances brought to market: here you indicate the number of household and professional appliances, by product category, that you have imported or produced and which are destined for the Belgian market. For the professional appliances, you should declare not only quantities, but also the total weight of the appliances.
  • Returnable: here you request a refund of the Recupel contributions you have paid to your Belgian supplier or to Recupel for household and/or professional appliances that you have subsequently marketed abroad.

Export is defined as the physical shipment of appliances outside Belgian territory, if it is an intra-Community (within the EU) delivery or if it is an export as defined in the Value Added Tax Code. If you purchase appliances (household and/or professional) in Belgium intended for export, you can recover the Recupel contribution paid via your declaration on the online declaration portal.

  • In three cases:
  • for appliances that you import, store in a customs or VAT warehouse and market abroad;
    for appliances you import, store in a (normal) warehouse and subsequently export abroad;
    for appliances you produce and market abroad.

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You can add it at the bottom of the page when you enter your declaration. This reference or order number will then be visible on the invoice. Once the invoice has been prepared, it is no longer possible to add or modify a reference.

At the time of invoicing, we draw up a net statement of the Recupel contributions payable and the refund of Recupel contributions (exports abroad). Have you declared appliances for an amount less than €50  (excluding VAT)? If so, you will not receive an invoice immediately. This is only the case if you have declared an amount of €50 or more. If you don’t exceed an amount of €50, you will receive an invoice once a year. If you have declared amounts of €50 (excluding VAT) or more, you will receive a digital invoice by e-mail. You will receive a separate invoice for the declaration of your household appliances and another for your professional appliances.

This video explains how to file your declarations efficiently

Do you have questions about the declaration of your electro-appliances?

We have put together a list of frequently asked questions regarding the declaration. You can find the answers via the page below. 

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Declaration: FAQ

What is the difference between domestic and professional appliances?

Since 1 January 2022, the difference between a domestic or a professional appliance has been determined by the intended use of the appliance.

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