The ‘take-back obligation’

Important information for importers and manufacturers

With Recupel, you comply with the take-back obligation in Belgium

Since 2001, legislation has governed the collection of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) in Belgium. In 2008, specific rules came into force for electrical and electronic equipment, subdivided in 10 categories for which there is a take-back obligation. In 2022, Recupel changed the classification from 10 to 6 categories. You can consult the 6 categories in our appliance list. Every seller of electro-appliances or light bulbs must comply with them. The legislation applies throughout Belgium, both for physical shops and online shops.

Since 2001, Recupel has been the safe and efficient collection and processing system for light bulbs and electro-appliances in Belgium, helping its members to meet their legal obligations. We also provide practical support for the safe storage and disposal of e-waste and discarded light bulbs. On behalf of its members, Recupel organises the collection, transport, sorting, and selection for re-use and proper treatment of all returned light bulbs and electro-appliances.

You can benefit from this as a member because Recupel provides bins and transport to collect your e-waste. All you have to do is register as a Recupel Point.

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Legal obligations: about the take-back obligation

What does the take-back obligation for electro-appliances involve in practice?

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As a retailer, you must take back free of charge the electro-appliance or light bulb that the customer gives you when they buy a similar new appliance from you. 

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