Re-use electrical appliances

Are your electrical appliances still working? Take them to a partner second-hand shop

How many electrical appliances or electronic devices have you got at home that still work but you no longer use? Give them a second life by taking them to a partner second-hand shop. You'll make someone else's day with them, and it's always good to have a declutter! 

Find a partner second-hand shop near you

Partner second-hand shops will happily take your unwanted electrical appliances

Got an old desk lamp, printer, washing machine, electric trimmer or coffee machine sitting unused in your garage or in a cupboard somewhere? Even if they don't work properly, take these electrical appliances or electronic devices to a partner second-hand shop. There, specialists are ready and waiting to try and fix them. If they can't, the appliances/devices will be professionally recycled by Recupel. 

Our partner second-hand shop aren't just for old clothes, furniture or decorations – they are also the perfect place to take your unwanted electrical appliances and electronic devices. If you also end up buying an appliance or device there, you will always receive a one-year guarantee. 

Tip: use your ecocheques to buy an electrical appliance in partner second-hand shops!

Three more reasons to visit partner second-hand shops

Partner second-hand shops allow people with lower incomes to buy electrical appliances in good order at more affordable prices. Moreover, these shops provide jobs for many people through social employment. This gives these people opportunities that they would simply not have in the traditional labour market. 

Giving any electrical appliance or electronic device a second life is also great for the environment. Because, their re-use means that valuable raw materials are not needed to make new appliances. You will therefore contribute to the smooth running of the circular economy.