Working at Recupel

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At Recupel, you will be part of a close-knit, young team with a strong mission.

If you pursue a career at Recupel, you will be choosing a work environment that looks to the future of our planet with a positive outlook. At Recupel, you will be part of a close-knit, young team with a powerful mission. Together with your colleagues, you will ensure maximum collection and processing of used electrical appliances, electronic devices and light bulbs. We are focusing all our energies on the circular economy to reduce our reliance on dwindling raw materials. We are also encouraging everyone to get their broken electricals repaired and to take their still-functioning but discarded electricals to second-hand stores, thereby giving them a second life and reducing waste. 

At Recupel, you will be part of a work environment that offers plenty of scope for initiative and innovation. We are proud of what we have already achieved together, and equally ambitious about what is to come. 

See what Recupel is all about in this video

No one tells it better than our employees!

In 2021, Recupel celebrated its 20th anniversary. We made a video where some employees tell what it's like to work at Recupel.


Who are these Recupel people?

The typical Recupel employee does not exist. Whether you're a marketing guru or logistics prodigy, a driven starter or an experienced specialist. At Recupel, you'll find them all.

Colleagues with their own strengths, personalities and competences. Colleagues who do everything together to collect more lamps and electricals. Colleagues who think it's time to make the world a bit nicer. And in a place where everyone can be themselves. In an informal working atmosphere, where everyone can talk to each other. 

Going for it together, that's what Recupel believes in.

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