Apply for your Recupel allowance as a second hand shop

Are you a thrift shop that sells electro? Good news because Recupel provides compensation for thrift shops, which offer electrical appliances. Our aim is to encourage the reuse of electrical appliances as much as possible. We do this in two ways: you can apply for a reimbursement and you get access to our collection network and the network of electro merchants we work with.

The agreement was drawn up in consultation with the umbrella organisations Herw!n and Ressources, but can be signed by all Belgian recycling shops.

The reuse agreement :

Dutch version

French version

Lampen Kringloopwinkel

For who?

General conditions:

  • You are a member of Herw!n and Ressources or a recycling centre recognised by OVAM.
  • You agree to cooperate exclusively with Recupel for all discarded appliances that are not suitable for reuse.
  • You provide an annual report by 15 February each year. This can be done directly or via the umbrella organisations Herw!n or Ressources.

What types of compensation are there?

  • Centralisation compensation: you operate a regional transhipment station (RTS) where you bring together non-reusable electrical appliances. The fee is €119.58 per tonne.
  • Optimisation fee: you do not operate a ROS, but you ensure that the discarded appliances can be transported in an optimal way by Recupel by having them disposed of together. The remuneration amounts to €1 per appliance (for collection of 16 to 23 appliances) and €1.5 per appliance (for collection of 24 appliances or more).
  • Reuse collection remuneration: you collect discarded electrical appliances, but they are not ultimately reused and you deliver these appliances to Recupel. Different categories and amounts apply for this, which are described in detail in the agreement.
  • Reimbursement for effective preparation for reuse: you sell collected appliances through your shop. The fee is calculated on the basis of the weight of electro that you have sold in one year. The fee is €60 per tonne (for volumes lower than or equal to those of the reference year 2020) and €120 per tonne (for volumes higher than those of the reference year 2020).