Free collection of discarded electro-appliances at the workplace

Certainty without stress

Old laptops, monitors, printers, mobile phones, fridges, lightbulbs...There are a lot of old electrical appliances and electronic devices hanging around at companies, schools, hospitals and other places of employment. Sometimes they end up in the non-recyclable waste. These workplaces cannot take their discarded devices to recycling parks, but they do want them to be reused or recycled in a responsible, and environmentally friendly way.

Good news, Recupel comes to collect them free of charge, giving the appliances a new lease of life through reuse or recycling. Requesting a collection is very simple, requiring just a few clicks on the Pick-up web page.

You choose the right containers, request a pick-up, and you’re all set! Your request will be recorded and Recupel will send someone to collect your appliances. We check that your request is complete, and our transporter confirms the appointment at the indicated address within a few working days. At your request, we can also have the containers delivered a little while in advance, so that you can collect everything at your leisure in the building or give your employees the opportunity to bring in things from home.

This service is mainly provided for occasional, one-off collections of household electrical appliances and electronic devices. These come in handy when your workplace undergoes a thorough spring clean or relocates. If you regularly have appliances to discard, you can also register as a Recupel Point. If this involves specialised professional appliances, such as refrigerated display counters, dentist chairs or large multifunction printers, it is best to contact the appliance manufacturer or a professional collection service that has an agreement with Recupel. You can find a list of them here

Pick-up requests

A quick guide to Pick-up

Pick-up is a really simple system.

  • You enter your workplace details (including a company registration number, though we make an exception for schools, which don’t have one)
  • You choose a suitable container or containers, ensuring you can actually fill the container(s) you have chosen (to guarantee environmentally friendly and responsible transport). The minimum quantity is two cardboard Recupel boxes.
  • If possible, provide photos and/or a description of your electro-appliances.
  • We check your application, and if it meets the general terms and conditions, it will be sent on to our transporter who will confirm the appointment.

Why use Recupel Pick-up? 

You can get rid of your electronic waste for free with just a couple of clicks!

It’s so easy, and also good for your bank account or balance sheet. You’ll be doing the planet a good turn as well, because you can rest assured that the old appliances and devices from your workplace will get a second life through reuse or be appropriately and locally recycled. The volume collected will also be reported accurately to the public authorities.

Recycling for a circular economy

E-waste is a real asset for a better world. That might sound odd, but it’s true. The more electrical and electronic waste we collect, the more valuable components the recyclers can recycle. Many appliances contain elements (gold, silver, palladium, europium and so on) that would otherwise have to come from traditional mining operations. By recycling them, we can use them over and over again. That is what we mean by the circular economy. And it will be more successful if we collect more. Pick-up is one way of growing recycling together!

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